Jan. 28, 2015: This site is still under construction---material will be added over next few months.

Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the site is to provide information and advice in a variety of areas. In some areas, there will be tutorials and/or services offered.


This is my formal training, and also a major hobby over the years. I will offer some tutorials on topics that come up often.

Antique Radios

My current #1 hobby. I will eventually have pictures of my collection, and records of restoration. I will also offer some tutorials, plus a few specific services.


I'm mostly just a user, but I've learned a few things that may be useful. One focus will be the Linux Operating System.


I'm old enough to remember what film is, and I have logged many hours in darkrooms. Now it's all digital point and shoot, but I do have some info and hints worth sharing.


I do get on my soapbox sometimes.....

About Me

I retired in 2012 after 43 years with NASA. In my career, the major focus was camera systems and scientific instruments for space mission. Beyond the paying job, I've always had my fingers in just about any kind of mechanical or electrical contrivance. Through all of this, I've learned a few things...some of which may be useful!!

I hope that you will find all this useful---stand by for more